About Us

ECS Financial Services specialise in providing fast and flexible private finance solutions, involving Mezzanine, Development and Bridging Loans throughout the UK.

Our Mission

Our funding is provided purely via Private Investors, Specialist Bridging Loan Providers, Peer to Peer Lenders and Mezzanine funding providers. They have access to substantial amounts of cash, experience and a strong entrepreneurial background.

Borrowers generally approach us in situations where finance may be required in a short space of time. Some have circumstances or opportunities that do not fit within the rigid criteria set by other lenders. Our flexible and entrepreneurial approach means we are able to find appropriate and unique financing facilities for these and many other difficult situations.

ECS Financial Services predominantly only become involved with arranging loans that are:

  • Unregulated investment Mortgages
  • First Charge/Mortgage loans

AND are either:

  • for an amount over £300,000
  • predominantly for business purposes
  • Where more than 40% of a property is occupied by the owner then we are unable to assist.