Case Studies

Development Finance, Bridging Loans and Turnaround Funding

ECS Financial Services offer a range of tailor-made business loans and development finance.  Our investors provide finance for all commercial and residential properties and developments.

These case studies show how we provide flexible finance solutions to suit your individual requirements.

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Joint Venture on a Development Site

A client came to us having Exchanged on a Development site in Cheshire, partly completed, for 20 units. Because another Bridging Company had let them down at the last minute, the Developer was at risk of losing the deal and their money. We deposited 100% of the purchase price – £500,000 on deposit with their Lawyers within 24 hours of receipt of the application. This enabled them to evidence to the Receivers that cash was available. The purchase completed only 5 days later. We provided a further £600k build costs to complete the scheme. This was completed on JV with the developer.

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Home Mortgage Re-finance

The applicant approached us to refinance his home, due to arrears on the mortgage.
We reduced his existing loan from £900k to £400k, paid off his arrears and provided working capital for a total of £1.2m on a second charge.

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Financing the purchase of Brownfield development sites

This applicant approached us to finance the purchase of Brownfield sites, to enable the developer to approach the planners with a master plan scheme. We financed the Developer £2.5m and he was able to obtain outline consent and refinance with a High Street Bank within 2 years.

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Raising Finance on a Recycling Site

Our client wanted to raise finance on a Recycling site to settle an Inland Revenue Petition. The applicant had tried unsuccessfully for months to raise funding. Due to the specialised nature of the security, they could not raise sufficient monies. We provided a loan of £750k through one of our Investors for a two-year period, with interest payable upon redemption of the loan to aid cash flow.