Property Bridging Finance For Non UK Residents

Property Bridging Finance For Non UK Residents

If you are looking to purchase a property in the uk whilst living overseas, then our overseas bridging finance is perfect for you as it is designed with YOU in mind. loans are bespoke and tailored to your requirements. We focus on keeping our bridging finance; Strong, Simple and Secure.

What can I purchase?

Our overseas bridging loans work the same as our standard Bridging Loan, meaning you are open to purchase any of the following:

• Company-owned Residential Properties
• Light/medium Residential Refurbishments
• Simple Residential
• Large loan/Luxury Residential
• Ex-Local Authority
• Multiple Leaseholds
• New Build Properties
• Flat Conversions
• Standard Construction
• Buying from Receiver
• Property Acquisition
• Freehold and Leasehold
• Rates from 0.65% per month
• 500k -£10M

With traditional lending, purchasing from abroad can take longer than the usual estimated 110 – 130 days. This is where our Bridging Loans come in.
You do not need to have a UK bank account to proceed with one of our overseas Bridging Loan, nor do you need a credit footprint.

*All legal advice must be carried out in the UK, by a UK practicing solicitor. However, we understand that finding time to travel can be difficult and come as an added cost. Legal advice can therefore be delivered via Skype or Facetime.

Will I be accepted for an overseas Bridging Loan?

• Expats
• Offshore individuals / trusts
• Offshore companies
• Foreign nationals
• Complex overseas structures
• Offshore asset to overseas buyer
• Transfer offshore to onshore

Our Overseas product has many favourable characteristics:

• Up to 75% LTV
• Complex overseas structures
• Transfer offshore to onshore
• Large developments accepted
• Available to Foreign Nationals & Expats
• No UK bank account needed
• No need to sign documentation in the UK

Want to know even more about what we do?

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