Sale & Leaseback Facility

Sale & Leaseback Facility

Not just for multi million pound business this facility can help you in many ways. We help businesses to raise finance by providing a Sale & Leaseback facility which helps businesses to raise finance, reduce debt, improve cash flow, expand and strengthen the balance sheet.

We do this by introducing you to Investors who will purchase your commercial property and lease it back to you on a long term basis. This allows you to unlock capital that is currently tied up in your commercial real estate, without taking on any costly additional debt.

Your business continues to trade and operate from the same established premises, meaning you can continue to operate and invest in your businesses with no disruption to day to day operations.

We offer a more cost effective alternative to a business loan, a commercial property mortgage, equipment financing and other asset finance solutions. The capital released never needs refinancing.

We can pay up to 100% of your commercial property’s value, providing you with an attractive combination of cash proceeds, competitive cost of funds and low risk for your business.

We can also assist with poor credit, business restructuring and corporate recovery cases.