Our Policy

Our Policy

Our policy is that the service we provide revolves around flexibility, simplicity, clarity and speed. We operate on a no-small-print policy and offer a personal one to one direct service with flexible tailor made contracts.


You will speak directly to a decision-maker, with the ability to see the bigger picture and understand the potential of a proposition.  We know that no two situations are ever quite the same and we have no standard lending criteria.  This enables ECS Financial Services to tailor-made agreements to suit a client’s unique circumstances.


Loan propositions can be complex enough. That is why we believe in keeping our process and paperwork simple, to help in making these complicated decisions a little easier to deal with.


Our policy is one of “No small print”, no hidden fees or hidden early exit charges.


We operate with a speed that can mean the difference between success and failure. Decision in Principle within 1 hour – funds available in 24 hours, subject to the lawyers sanction.


We can agree to roll your interest up for various periods to be paid on redemption of the loan.


LTV is always based on Valuation and not Purchase price.


Minimum term is 3 months, maximum term is 24 months.